Local (Tourist) is about waking up to your life.

There's a way to bypass a boring existence, and it's not by cramming your schedule with bucket list activities, making six-figures, or working remotely because you're instafamous. 

The secret is finding your fuck yeah, and we're really good at helping people find theirs. 

So what is it? Your personal fuck yeah is made up of the things that light you up inside, that make you jump out of bed in the morning - psyched to be alive.



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Best way to get inspired? Hang out with inspiring people. 

We interview Creatives from around the world about who they are, what they love, and where they hang out in their cities.

1) Get to know the cool kids making the world a better place 

2) find out what's worth seeing + doing in their city.

It's one-two punch of awesome. 



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Hi! I’m Alexis.

I founded Local (Tourist) in 2015 for two reasons:

1) I was floating outside my body, watching myself slip silently into a lame adult life and I needed to do something about it, asap.

2) I couldn’t figure out why all travel advice was for the wealthy jet setter or the broke backpacker. What about the paycheck-to-paycheck, always curious, uber-creative people? The ones hustling to make their vision a reality while paying the bills? I'd rather get travel advice from my kid sister's painfully hip best friend than a Google search.

We work our asses off daily - only to dream of a five day vacation where we blow our savings on a tour-package and a "storage is too full to take this photo" message on our phones. What if we knew EXACTLY where to hang out on that dream trip? Even better, what if we started seeing our OWN cities for how amazing they are? Yep, I can help with that.

Wanna know why I can help with that? Check out my full story, right over here. That orange button.