Local (Tourist) (lokəl tʊrəst) - noun

Someone who:

• is passionate about really SEEING the World, with an open mind.

• explores their own city with fresh eyes.

• insists on living with creative intent and a sense of humor.

Synonyms: tastemaker, cool kid, Charlotte of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle*.

*(by Avi, 1990. Amazon that shit right now.)


Tourist is a dirty word, and a hollow way to travel. Why be a tourist when you can discover the world like a local? Where do the dreamers, the artists, the cool kids hang out? That’s where we wanna be.

Local (Tourist) is about discovering the World, for yourself - not for, or because of, anyone else. Travel is a catalyst for this.

Get out of your comfort zone, realize that everyone lives differently, and that these different lives are beautiful!

Welcome to the FAM.


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