Being an Adventurer has nothing to do with what is usually called ‘adventure travel’ - that’s just a tagline for vacation packages that include zip lining through the jungle. Some Adventurers also like ‘adventure travel’, but it’s not our actual Travel Trait.

So who are we?


Adventurers are spontaneous, flexible, and open-minded. We don’t want to be locked into an agenda or itinerary. We view travel as a chance to absorb the world around us; it’s not a time to shrink back from discomfort or stick to a routine. We prefer instinctive, ad-libbed and casual exploration when we travel. 

Adventurers are motivated by what the experience teaches us. We view travel as a journey, not a destination or experience to 'consume'. We hate the idea of a strict agenda because it rules out the things we can learn from an impromptu experience.  We're great at living in the moment and being “present” in what we’re doing. If we’re spacing out, it’s because we’re lost in the sights, sounds, and feelings of the place we’re in! 

Adventurers hate following others, especially those with formulas and plans. We tend to be last minute, and sometimes force plans to change because we’re late to book, commit, or arrive. We like leaving options open, because we always go with our gut!  We decide at the last possible second whether we’re going to a friend’s party or meeting people anywhere; our friends are either jealous (we’re life of the party!) or mildly annoyed (why so flaky!?). Our best friends don’t care - they know what to expect and love us anyway. 

Our impulsive nature means we avoid planning and hate to play 'follow the leader'. We're independent and fun!


Some of us are really outgoing, re-energized by meeting new people. Some of us are more introverted - open to people and experiences, but only recharged when we take some time alone. Whether introverted or extroverted, the only kind of travel group we want to be a part of is a social media connection with cool people we’ve met abroad.

Our tendencies can put us in danger if we aren’t careful; we’re open to experiences and people, and we often trust strangers more than the Curator or Strategist personalities would. While this is fantastic for making friends in new places, we also have to set boundaries for ourselves and our safety. This isn’t to say Adventurers are reckless, even though others may think so!



Because we are naturally flexible and intuitive, surprises rarely rattle us.  We're great at improvisation and ‘thinking on our feet’. We’re more likely to gravitate to a quit-your-job-and-travel-the-world-lifestyle than others, because we're not afraid of the 'unknowns' that being a nomad involves. We're so "in the moment" it drives our friends crazy - we go on a 15 day trip in Sri Lanka and only have three photos to show for it.



Of the three travel personalities, we're the most ready to try new things. Being immersed in cultures, cuisines, and languages different from our own is a thrill. When feeling uncomfortable we pause and reset our expectations; we don't freak out. Change is exciting and exploring the unknown is fun!  

Ok Adventurer: remember, you've got a little of all three personalities within you. Some of us are closer to 50 - 50! Knowing your primary Travel Trait is key to understanding where to go, what to book, and what to do. You might be a hyper-organized person who plans everything about their day-to-day, but when it comes to travel - you become someone else. You live in the moment, roll with the punches, and absorb every detail of a place with no agenda. You're a Strategist at work, but you're an Adventurer when you travel. See what we mean? 

Now that you know more about who you are, it's time to travel your way