A Curator isn't just a wealthy art patron, paddle-bidding an exorbitant amount of money on a 1960's Warhol print. Nothing wrong with that day job - but buying paintings has nothing to do with our Travel Traits

So who are we?


Curators are creative, discerning, and sentimental. We are interested in understanding the world around us, constantly searching for our meaning within it. We connect with the world through how we feel; we seek to experience as many new things as possible, while limiting added stress in our lives. We’re collectors of experiences and curators of emotions.

Because how we feel is the lens through which we view the world, we put a lot of thought into who & what we invite into our lives. As empathetic people we connect easily with others; we’re genuinely friendly with everyone we meet, but only count a handful of people as our true friends (#FAM). We’re also selective about how we spend our time and our money! We want to discover the best of the best products, learn the most fascinating things, and be truly connected to our friends. We don’t have time to waste on anything cheap, boring, or unauthentic. 




Hesitant to try unknown things, we trust advice from close friends and are loyal to brands & products we love already. We prefer quality over quantity - it’s not hard to justify an expensive purchase to ourselves! We aren’t wild spenders, but money is a tool we use to collect things that add meaning to our lives. Case in point: we’ll have an expensive brunch with friends we haven’t seen in ages, but we’ll buy 99 cent store cooking utensils. The way we spend our money is a way to show what we value. 



Because we want to understand everything we come across, we often form (and immediately share) our opinion. About everything. At our most confident, we appear bossy; at our most vulnerable, we appear emotional. It’s not that we think we’re right all the time; we just want to express what we think we understand. We wish everyone else would too! We pride ourselves on having authentic advice when people ask for it - we're Curators, after all. 



Because we feel deeply, we can be easily overwhelmed by unfamiliar circumstances. We hate surprises, but we’ll never admit it. We can unknowingly shut ourselves off from potentially life-changing travel - just to avoid stress. We’re open-minded to all people, beliefs, cultures, and choices, but foreign experiences freak us out! We believe everyone should live exactly how they want - but we’ll skip the monkey brains at the dinner table, thank you very much.

Because we’re slower to try new things, it’s important we know what our discomfort threshold is when it comes to travel - a stress tipping point, if you will. If we plan accordingly, we can strike a balance between opening our minds and keeping our cool. We're big on travel 'symbols' - indicators that a person, place, or thing are trustworthy. Example travel 'symbols' might be: a hotel concierge we can ask for directions, brands we recognize (Coke or Pepsi), hiring a car service, reputed tour groups, booking an airline we recognize, and so on. 


Okay Curator: remember, you've got a little of all three personalities within you. Some of us are closer to 50 - 50! Knowing your primary Travel Trait is key to understanding where to go, what to book, and what to do. Day-to-day you might be spontaneous, a person who rolls with the punches and avoids planning; but when it comes to travel - you want every detail pulled together for you so you don't have to stress. You're an Adventurer at work, but you're a Curator when you travel. See what we mean? 

Now that you know more about who you are, it's time to travel your way