The Strategist sounds like a B-movie from 1983 about the political process, working women, and shoulder pads...but it’s much cooler than that. While we’re into the Working Girl vibe of this hypothetical movie - there’s nothing B-movie about our personality Travel Traits.

So who are we?

Strategist Mindset

Strategists are efficient, intentional, and passionate. We are connected to the world through our actions; we’re motivated by what we do and the meaning those activities have for us. Rather than focusing on how an experience makes us feel, we gain satisfaction from having an experience at all. We love goal setting; our minds operate like a checklist and we’re constantly re-prioritizing things. This comes naturally to us - it’s not exhausting like it is for the Curator and Adventurer. 

We show love for others by remembering important details and thoughtful planning. We’re proud of creative gifts we prepare for those we love: a romantic dinner at the place we met; a city-wide scavenger hunt for our game-obsessed best friend. We don't mind doing a lot of research; we’d rather be sure about something than trust someone else’s opinion. That’s not to say we don’t care about the opinions of others - they do inform our plans - but we like to dig in and learn as much as we can before we commit to something. We’re thorough, and people love to take advantage of the leg work we do to learn about an activity or place. 





Because we put so much energy into planning, we tend to be inflexible when it comes to last minute changes. Surprises aren’t welcome - but they rarely derail us, since we always have a plan B and C. We collect experiences like souvenirs; checking something off our bucket list is as satisfying as the activity itself.

Other personalities may accuse us of being boring - but we’re far from it! We’re just great at quick assessments and thoughtful decision-making. Our research and planning is for good reason - we seek to build an conscious, heartfelt life.



We’re extremely efficient, saving money & time by learning as much as we can about where we’re headed in advance. We’re not as good, however, at avoiding decision paralysis from information overload - and we struggle to handle the emotional stress of cancelled plans. If we can be ourselves by planning - but maintain mindfulness while handling surprises - we’ll be unstoppable. Who run the world? Girls.

And Strategists. 

Okay Strategist: remember, you've got a little of all three personalities within you. Some of us are closer to 50 - 50! Knowing your primary Travel Trait is key to understanding where to go, what to book, and what to do. You might be generally last-minute person who wouldn't touch a day planner on the job, but when it comes to travel - you want to get your hands dirty with research and creating an agenda. You're an Adventurer at work, but you're a Strategist when you travel. See what we mean? 

Now that you know more about who you are, it's time to travel your way