Don't know where to hang out? We do.

Travel blogs are missing something right now. They're geared to the obscenely wealthy Conde Nast jet-set (#jeally) or they glorify cheap, uncomfortable travel for the young backpacker. What about the mildly broke, always curious, uber-creative people? The ones hustling to make their vision a reality, all while paying the bills? I'd rather get travel advice from my kid sister's painfully cool best friend than a Google search.

We work our asses off daily - only to dream of a 5 day vacation where we blow our savings on a tour-package and a "storage is too full to take this photo" message on our phones. What if we knew EXACTLY where to hang out on that dream trip? Even better, what if we started seeing our OWN cities for how amazing they are? Yep, I can help with that.

I’d like to dream that L(T) could one day be a community of Creatives, sharing our World with each other for the purpose of making life - and travel - more FUN.

Map Key


Nature. Parks, lakes, forests, hiking, etc. 

Food. Restaurants, coffee shops, bars with food.

Spots worth visiting. Museums, lifestyle centers, monuments, hang outs. 

Bars, Breweries, Pubs. Booze. 

Services. Salons, spas, health and beauty centers.